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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trick or Treat? Treats of Course! Recaps! (10/31)

This week we talked with musician, Mike Horror about his music (of course. We talked about his musical style and influences. H told us about his stage show and how fans react to it, as well as his opinions on horror movies. We played his song "Alien Nation" to give everyone a taste of his sound and style.

I also gave away the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Autographed Ultimate Edition, and Domain of the Damned w/soundtrack.

Someone with the user name "notmainstreamrap" decided to call in to, I guess, try to fuck with me by "Wanting to chat" about "His dick". Let me say that if you're going to call me, and try to fuck with me, be prepared to be fucked with back. I have to thank Mike Terror for backing me up on that one as I proudly shut down my first prank caller.

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