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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guest added to the Jan 16th show!

Of course you know that Kerry Beyer

Will be joining us to discuss his film Spirit Camp.

But we will also be joined by the lovely and talented Julin!

You never know who else might show us, so join us!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post Xmas Holiday Special!

Join us on December 26th as we talk with Anthony Brownrigg

about growing up on independent film set, his first feature Red Victoria,

his upcoming projects and the many proposed remakes of his father S.F. Brownrigg's indie masterpiece Don't Look in the Basement

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Upcoming Guests!

Ok folks and fright fans! The new season is approaching us! I have already lined up our first two guests of the 3rd season! Both of them are Houstonian Indie filmmakers! I present for your approval:

Joe Grisaffi (Jan 9th)


Kerry Beyer (Jan 16th)

Joe will be stopping by to discuss his film Dead of Knight. Kerry will be stopping by to talk about his film Spirit Camp and may even be bringing some of the feisty Cheerleaders from the film with him!

As always the show will be live, on the announced dates at Noon (12:00pm) Central Standard Time.

Holiday Special Recap!

For this Holiday Special I had the Lovely, Talented and extremely fan friendly Caroline Williams as my guest.

I also went as far as to do a special Holiday music intro/outro for the show (which you'll have to listen to the show to hear) and added some holiday spirit to the show logo.

I talked with Caroline about how she got started in acting, her roles in films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Stepfather 2 and Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. Additionally we discussed her appearances at conventions with particular emphasis on Texas Frightmare and how she feels about fans and fan interaction. Give it a listen!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion!

The Hall of Horror

This past week in the season 2 finale we talked to Kenneth J Hall, writer and producer of the original Cult classic "The Puppet Master" (AKA:Puppet Master.

We also discussed his work in the FX dept's of namy films to include, but not limited to


and Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 3-D

This has been my favorite interview to date. Ken also talked about his view of the independent horror scene today and how he never went to film school. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

A Case of Horror Recap

We discussed with Brad Case his favorite films, while he was working on a set. We also discussed the upcoming feature Theater of Gore as well as the short "Pipewrench". Brad clued us in to his friend and friend of the show Shane Michaels nick name of "Pookie Bear" among other topics of interest. Give the show a listen in the archives for more info.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paranormal Activity, Not necesssarily a review.

Ok, so with all the hype surrounding this one I had to see it. Let me start by saying that everyone I know who has seen it has tried to tell me this or that about it. I, rather intelligently, ignored them. I was musing on this today while reading some posts on a message board, a lot of people complained about this or that in regards to the film. I've got a hypothesis on the why so many people were disappointed or not happy with their viewing experience.

When there is this much "hype" about a film, the viewers know too much about it before going to see it. I believe that if someone tells people "This movie will scare the hell out of you!" then the viewer goes into the movie with the attitude that they will not be frightened. Giving themselves a self fulfilled prophecy. It's hard to keep an open mind about a film and not know too much about a film these days due to the amount of info we are bombarded with constantly. From posts on message boards, bulletins on Myspace or status updates on Facebook, we have been flooded with info about this film. Thereby skewing our ability to see it, uncolored by everyone elses opinions.

Many people have compared it to The Blair Witch Project, which in my opinion, despite the obscenely stomach turning camera work, is a brilliant film. It has a slow build up, an unseen antagonist and the ending was completely unexpected. Paranormal activity delivers the same, with much less nauseating camera work. The special effects, which were virtually nonexistent in Blair Witch, are extremely well done and effective. The story follows a couple who are in the middle of dealing with Preternatural occurrences in their home. Apparently the filmmaker Orin Peli did his homework, as the events unfold in a manner consistent with the way Preternatural hauntings are believed to occur by "Experts".

All in all I have to say that I enjoyed the film, it built tension and kept it there, with me waiting for the next occurrence. Some argue that it has to be seen with a packed theater audience, I disagree. By being nearly alone, it added to the experience for me. If I was in any way uncomfortable, or bothered by what was on the screen, there was no-one else to look at, and no distractions. Additionally, being nearly isolated in a completely dark theater aided the experience for me, as being alone is one of the natural fears of most people, and at times myself included.

I am not going to tell you how great this film is, I think that anyone interested should go out and see it. I will not tell people that it is the greatest horror film ever, or even in years. I will say that it is my opinion that this is the best film in its sub-genre in a long, long time! There are a number of people, reviewers, columnists, bloggers and Board Posters who will tell you anything you want to know about it, spoilers included. I say that if you want to disable your ability to enjoy a really good, tension building and at moments scary movie, then read the blogs, articles and reviews, etc. etc. If you want to enjoy the film, then forget what you've heard, ignore what people are telling you, go to the theater, sit down and suspend your disbelief for 86 minutes, if you do that, you'll enjoy it.

Like I said, this is not a review, it's more an opinion. If you want to know what I think of the film, I leave you with these words: "Fuckin Wow!"

Trick or Treat? Treats of Course! Recaps! (10/31)

This week we talked with musician, Mike Horror about his music (of course. We talked about his musical style and influences. H told us about his stage show and how fans react to it, as well as his opinions on horror movies. We played his song "Alien Nation" to give everyone a taste of his sound and style.

I also gave away the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Autographed Ultimate Edition, and Domain of the Damned w/soundtrack.

Someone with the user name "notmainstreamrap" decided to call in to, I guess, try to fuck with me by "Wanting to chat" about "His dick". Let me say that if you're going to call me, and try to fuck with me, be prepared to be fucked with back. I have to thank Mike Terror for backing me up on that one as I proudly shut down my first prank caller.

Abel to Stone you to death recap (10/30)

I spoke with Abel Berry and Jennifer Stone about their film Spoils, and their upcoming release Kodie (In Post Production). We also discussed indie film making, special effects and the current state of horror, both Indie and mainstream. Give it a listen.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Texas Horror's Hoo Recap!

This past week we talked with Melanie Donihoo. We discussed her acting roles in the films Closet Space, Sweatshop, Sway, Walking Distance and Imago. Additionally we discussed her role as a Unit Production Manager. We also discussed how she got involved in acting and how she met her husband/director Mel House. Josh Vargas called in with 2 very good questions regarding her dream role and what genre she would be acting if she wasn't in the horror Genre.

I also announced a special Halloween episode which Ed Neal will be the Special Guest for. During the Halloween episode I'll be giving away a copy of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 disc Ultimate edition autographed by both Ed Neal and Teri McMinn. I'll also be giving away a copy of Stacy Davidson's film Domain of the Damned, as well as, the soundtrack for the film and 2 Copies of Pipewrench, the indie film by friend of the show Shane Michaels. All of the give away items are pictured below!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Living Dead Info, (Promotional)

Who wants to be a part of a new Horror Film?

Well, now you can be.

Blood and Guts Productions LLC. A small Northwest Ohio based Film Production Company that is in pre-production to film a new slasher type horror movie in November 2009. Living Dead is a dark drama/horror movie about a girl whose life revolves around an abusive relationship. Beaten, scared, and whipped free of her emotions, Amy becomes hollow and dark inside to the point where revenge is the only thought on her mind. She sets out to prove that payback is a bitch!

The movie is titled "Living Dead" and the script has just recently been finished, but we need your help now in order to fully realize its potential as a moving, gritty, bloody, and tension filled extravaganza that it will be. You can do all of this for the mere price of an Executive Producer credit in this auction.

By purchasing this credit of $50.00 dollars you are helping the filmmakers focus on the creative aspect of the film as opposed to worrying about how they are going to afford to work in that scene of a jaw bone being ripped off of a living person. In times like those, how can you not help?

Anyone buying this credit will have their name show up during the end credits as an Executive Producer, listed on IMDB when the film gets submitted for everyone to see and be jealous of and a DVD copy of the movie once production finishes.

Also by purchasing this Executive Producer credit you get the exclusive ability to read the script and get included on all production updates that are made to the cast and crew. That's because buying this credit makes you part of the crew!

The only stipulation is this auction is for the Executive Producer credit and not for any creative control of the movie.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask please contact Shane Michaels at bloodandgutsproduction@yahoo.com

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trick or Treat? Treats of course!

I have a copy of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Autographed by Ed Neal "The Hitch Hiker" and Teri McMinn "Pam". Up for grabs. By coming to this blog, all you have to do is e-mail your name and address to edcrophiliaonbtr@gmail.com to be entered to win this collectors item valued at over $50!

To win a copy of Stacy Davidsons Domain of the Damned and the soundtrack for the film, you'll have to listen to my show for further details!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crypticon Houston Recap

So, where to begin about Crypticon Houston? Friday afternoon I guess. Well we arrived to a disorganized mess, registration wasn't set up, and no early entry for the VIP pass holders. SO at that point I'm wondering to myself why it was exactly that we paid $200 for VIP passes? We managed to register and get our passes, get inside and start getting autographs. There were a lot of "Indie" film makers at the show which was refreshing. I attribute the troubles to first convention growing pains. The t-shirts were decently designed, I did have the complaint that their largest size was XL. I apologize if I am being a bit critical on this issue, but not all horror fans are "Beautiful People" who are a size M or L and not all female horror fans are a size 4!
I can say that all of the guests who were advertised were there and very pleasant to talk with. Ed Neal had something to do and didn't show up until Saturday, but I believe there was a sign on his table stating such, so nice save there.
I do think that the venue was a bad choice, it was too large for a small con. A hotel would have been a much better choice. One of the things that I heard grumbles and complaints about from fellow convention goers was the parking situation. $8 every time you left and wanted to come back (Thank you Reliant Center). It sounds small and trivial, but here's the reason it's a problem. If, say for instance, you get hungry and want to run off to eat something, $8, then you get back and realize that you left an item you wanted signed in your hotel, you either wait on it or pay another $8 for parking. A hotel as the venue would have eliminated this issue entirely.
The gathering was small as far as convention goers was concerned, which is not a bad thing, if you're a convention goer. I'm certain that the convention coordinators were hoping for a bigger turn out. As I was saying, as a fan it was exquisite, there were short lines and it was nice having more than two or three minutes to talk to the celebs while hey signed your stuff. There was time to ask the questions I wanted to ask and time to pitch the show to some of the (Hopefully) upcoming guests.
For myself it was nice to get to know some of the indie film makers, normally I'm rushing off to get this or that signed and the only times I'm not really engaged in something is when I am outside smoking.
The Costume Party was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in a ballroom, where Mike Terror and Revolutions rocked the stage. Kristy Swanson got on stage with Revolutions and played both Bass and did drum solo.
The Tattoo Booth run by Advanced Body Art was tattooing all weekend, they also did Kristy Swanson and Cathy Saint George their first tattoos. Yes you read that correctly, two of the celebs got their first tats at the convention!
Saturday they were far more organized and everything seemed to run as planned, some of the panels ran over their scheduled time, which is testament to the actors and or actresses on the panels going out of their way to answer the fans questions.
Sunday went without a hitch, so there's not much to say about that.


There were problems, but I know that Crypticon Houston will take the lessons learned from this first convention and remedy them. Better advertising and a more accessible venue for both the guests and convention goers will vastly improve things. Having a few more volunteers to help out with things like registration, planning and execution will make everything run more smoothly in the long run. As I said, hopefully, Crypticon Houston will take these small steps in the future and return even bigger and better next year, having learned what worked and what didn't work.
Simply put, continue on with what worked, omit and change the things that didn't work and success will come. There is no trial without error and you cannot succeed if you don't try, if you try and fail, to not try again is the true failure. I guess it will be a year before we find out if Crypticon Houston was a success or a failure.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crypticon Houston Promo with Eileen Dietz Recap

Monday afternoon (Monday?) I did a special show to help promote Crypticon Houston, the upcoming Horror Convention, being held Oct 16 - 18th in Houston, TX (Duh)!. This will be the first "Con" in Houston in 14 years!
We talked with Eileen Dietz and discussed her work in several of her movies to include The Exorcist, Creepshow 3, and The Clonus Horror.
Spencer Selph Also called in to give some info about the ongoings of the convention, such as live music, A "Best Horror Tattoo" contest and a Costume Party.
Crypticon's Line up also includes such Horror Icons as Edwin Neal Known for his role as "The Hitch Hiker" in Tobe Hoopers 1974 Classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friend of the show Teri Mcminn, also from Hoopers "Chainsaw", Adrienne Barbeau of Swamp Thing, John Carpenter's The Fog and the George Romero and Stephen King's collaborative work Creepshow, Dee Wallace Stone famous for her roles in The Howling, and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, and Michael Berryman, of Wes Cravens 1977 classic The Hills Have Eyes as well as the 1985 sequel and was featured in Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects to name a few.

Resident Lally recap!

This past weeks guest was Ken Lally. Whom, in case you were unaware, did the motion capture (Mo-cap) work for the character of Albert Wesker from the wildly popular Resident Evil 5 (Biohazard 5).

We discussed his work as a stuntman, voice actor and in Mo-Cap. A genuinely funny guy, he filled us in on how they act out the fighting scenes and gun play. Listen to the show to find out why so many stunt people tend to work with the same groups of people repeatedly.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So for today.......

I'm lying in bed this morning, feeling like hell due to a staph infection. I am somewhat disoriented and loopy from the meds. I will be interviewing Ken Lally, who has done numerous voice overs for video games, as well as doing motion capture work for them. My point of focus will be on his role as Albert Wesker (Motion Capture) for the hit game Resident Evil 5 (Biohazard 5)!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The "House" of Horror

My guest this past week, was Indie filmmaker Mel House. We discussed his early film making career and some of the frustrations he still has over some of those experiences. Also we talked about his cancellation of him appearing at Crypticon Houston. The inside joke of Solo Mio, continues, despite Mel wishing it would go away. We found out about his "Crew" of solid performers and friends. Take a listen!

Hello and Welcome

Well firstly let me welcome you to the official blog of Edcrophilia's Horror Talk Radio. Here, what I'll be doing is summarizing (Kind of) the past weeks show. Hopefully giving you just enough info to want to actually listen to the show. Not enough to know everything that went on and what was discussed. This is also an area of feedback for anyone who wants to make requests and/or suggestions about the show.