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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let, the right one, or me or someone in.

Ok, as many of you know, I'm completely and totally against the American bastardization process that we see in films today. Whatever do you mean? Glad you asked. What I'm referring to is when American filmmakers decide to take foreign films and remake them for American audiences. With the only exception(s) being Quarantine (In which Almost Human's FX rocked) remakes, be it remakes of original American Horror films or the foreign ones rank right up there with rancid pig shit. (In my not so humble opinion).

So now we have this gem from Sweden called "Let the Right One In". Oh wait, I was talking about the American Bastardized remake of "Let the Right One In" called "Let Me In" and with such an original and thought provoking title, it's no wonder that it flopped and fell flat on its ass at the box office.

I'm going to spoil this for you so that you might save your hard earned...$15? on the dvd, since you were smart enough not to go to the theater and watch it. Little boy meets little girl, little girl is a vampire, there's blood betrayal and death. Nothing overly fancy or gory despite the R rating.

I watched the original Swedish version, subtitles and all and fell asleep during the movie, not because it was poorly written, not because it was poorly performed, and not because of the subtitles. The premise of the film is at best, boring! In my opinion, the only reason that Hollywood in their LSD infused decision making process which they appear to use, decided to remake it was that it was critically acclaimed, I'm not sure why. Possibly because child vampires hadn't done before? Oh wait, what about the film adaptation of Salems Lot? Another film with children Vampires which sucked so many different kinds of cock, it might as well be a salaried manager at your local Walmart.

Speaking of Salems Lot, did anyone else notice the tagline from Steven King on the cover of the "Let Me In"? And I quote: "The best American Horror Film in the last 20 years" Now I'm not sure if Mr. King was paid to say that, or if they bothered him to the point that he said it to shut them up and get them to go away, or perhaps Mr. King is out of touch. Maybe he hasn't seen a single American Horror Film since the last film adaptation flopped either at the box office, or in the Nielsens ratings, as most of his poorly adapted stuff ends up as a T.V. Mini-series anyways.

Sorry, but this film is inferior even to Lionsgate's 8 Films to fall asleep to...er Die for. Those films rate up there with infected boils, but hey, that's still better than rancid pig shit right?

My Thoughts: Fuck Let the right one in, it sucked, and Fuck Let Me in, in its stupid ass, it's FUCKIN CLOWNSHOES!

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