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Friday, October 23, 2009

Living Dead Info, (Promotional)

Who wants to be a part of a new Horror Film?

Well, now you can be.

Blood and Guts Productions LLC. A small Northwest Ohio based Film Production Company that is in pre-production to film a new slasher type horror movie in November 2009. Living Dead is a dark drama/horror movie about a girl whose life revolves around an abusive relationship. Beaten, scared, and whipped free of her emotions, Amy becomes hollow and dark inside to the point where revenge is the only thought on her mind. She sets out to prove that payback is a bitch!

The movie is titled "Living Dead" and the script has just recently been finished, but we need your help now in order to fully realize its potential as a moving, gritty, bloody, and tension filled extravaganza that it will be. You can do all of this for the mere price of an Executive Producer credit in this auction.

By purchasing this credit of $50.00 dollars you are helping the filmmakers focus on the creative aspect of the film as opposed to worrying about how they are going to afford to work in that scene of a jaw bone being ripped off of a living person. In times like those, how can you not help?

Anyone buying this credit will have their name show up during the end credits as an Executive Producer, listed on IMDB when the film gets submitted for everyone to see and be jealous of and a DVD copy of the movie once production finishes.

Also by purchasing this Executive Producer credit you get the exclusive ability to read the script and get included on all production updates that are made to the cast and crew. That's because buying this credit makes you part of the crew!

The only stipulation is this auction is for the Executive Producer credit and not for any creative control of the movie.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask please contact Shane Michaels at bloodandgutsproduction@yahoo.com

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